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  • Salary Packaging PolicyThis policy outlines the University's salary packaging arrangements.
  • Space Management Allocation ProcedureThis procedure outlines how space is managed and allocated at the University of Newcastle (University) and should be read in conjunction with the Space Management Policy and the Interior Design Guidelines.
  • Space Management PolicyThis policy establishes the principles that support the efficient, effective and safe allocation of space for the planning and design of University work spaces.
  • Special Studies Program PolicyThis policy outlines the Special Studies Program which is a program of professional development for academic staff.
  • Special Studies Program ProcedureThis procedure supports the Special Studies Program Policy and must be read in conjunction with the policy.
  • Staff Code of ConductThis Code sets out principles and obligations which align with the University's values of excellence, equity, engagement and sustainability in accordance with the Looking Ahead Strategic Plan and the Ethical Framework. The University is a global leader distinguished by a commitment to Indigenous education, and to creating life ready
    graduates and a better future for its region through a focus on innovation and impact.
  • Student Academic Performance Evaluation Policy This Policy is designed to provide guidance to students on the use of learning analytics to monitor and evaluation academic performance, especially academic success and access to appropriate support services and provide guidance to staff on the use of learning analytics to identify students who are at-risk of not successfully completing their course.
  • Student Academic Performance Evaluation Procedure This Procedure establishes how the University will use learning analytics to evaluate students academic performance determine appropriate outreach activities to support students in their studies.
  • Student Academic Progress ProcedureThis Procedure is designed to provide direction for the staff of the University of Newcastle (University) when managing student academic progress matters.
  • Student Code of ConductThis code applies to all students and sets out the principles and obligations for student conduct.
  • Student Conduct RuleThe Rule establishes the framework in which the University will deal with matters relating to student behaviour.
  • Student Critical Incident ProcedureNew procedure developed to document how the University manages student critical incidents.
  • Student Fees Refund ProcedureThis procedure outlines different student cohorts entitlement and circumstances to follow in determining if a refund is applicable.
  • Student Financial Hardship ProcedureThis procedure supports the University of Newcastle Scholarships and Student Benefits Scheme and the allocation of funds from the University of Newcastle Loans Scheme.
  • Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) PolicyThis policy sets out the principles underpinning the management of the University of Newcastle's Student Managed Investment Fund.
  • Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) ProcedureThis document details the procedures relevant to the administration and implementation of the SMIF.
  • Student Name PolicyThis Policy establishes the University's requirements for data entry and display of names according to naming conventions in Australia and the International Civil Aviation Organization’s standards for machine readable travel documents.
  • Student Professional Experience PolicyThe purpose of this policy is to provide the minimum requirements for the management of professional experience.
  • Student Reservist and Emergency Services Support ProcedureThis procedure outlines the process for special consideration to be granted to students who are in the Defence Reserves or Emergency Services.
  • Study and Reimbursement of Fees ProcedureThis procedure outlines the approval process for staff to undertake an approved program of study and for the reimbursement of study fees. 
  • Support for Students PolicyNew policy developed to meet requirements of amended Higher Education Support Act.
  • Supporting Students with Disability PolicyThis policy outlines the framework for practices and initaitives for students with disability.