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  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander - Establishing Status within the University PolicyThis policy applies to all individuals seeking to establish Aboriginality and/or Torres Strait Islander Status within the University.
  • Academic Calendar Approval ProcedureThis procedure establishes the process for the development and approval of the Academic Calendar to ensure that important academic dates are scheduled in advance.
  • Academic Promotion PolicyThis policy provides the principles that will underpin a fair and equitable academic promotions process.
  • Academic Promotion ProcedureThis procedure supports the implementation of the Academic Promotion Policy and must be read in conjunction with that document
  • Admission and Enrolment Procedure Manual - Coursework ProgramsThis manual is designed to provide clear and concise directions for staff and students of the University regarding admission and enrolment.
  • Adverse Circumstances Affecting Assessment Items PolicyThis policy outlines the right of students to seek consideration for the possible impact of allowable adverse circumstances that may affect their performance in assessment item(s), including formal examinations.
  • Adverse Circumstances Affecting Assessment Items ProcedureThis procedure describes the steps to be followed when a student is seeking special consideration because adverse circumstances have had an impact on their performance in an
    assessment item.
  • Advertising and Marketing PolicyThis policy applies to the booking and approval of advertising, and the design of production of marketing, publications and promotional materials by Faculties, Divisions and Research Centres.
  • Agency Information GuideThis Agency Information Guide (AIG) has been prepared in accordance with section 20 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act NSW 2009 (GIPA Act).
  • AHPRA Mandatory Notification and Complaint Reporting ProcedureThis procedure provides a framework to aid staff at the University in recommending that the University should report to AHPRA a student who has an impairment which may, in the course of attending clinical placement, place the public at substantial risk of harm.
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Management ProcedureThis procedure supports the implementation of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy.
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs PolicyThis policy provides for the responsible service and consumption of alcohol on University campuses.
  • Animal Care and Ethics Committee GuidelinesThese guidelines support the University’s Animal Research Policy and Animal Care and Ethics Committee Procedures. They provide guidance on the ethical use of animals in research; the expectations of the Animal Care and Ethics Committee for the practices and procedures used on research animals; and the implementation of the 3Rs (replacement, refinement and reduction).
  • Animal Care and Ethics Committee ProcedureThe provisions of this document relate to the activities of the Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC) at the University of Newcastle.

  • Animal Hazards ProcedureThese procedures outline safe practices for University of Newcastle staff, students and visitors working with or coming into contact with animals or animal products in the course of their work or research.
  • Animal Research Competency GuidelinesThese guidelines describe the mechanisms used at the University of Newcastle to determine that those involved in the care and use of animals for scientific purposes are competent in the procedures that they carry out.
  • Animal Research PolicyThis policy covers the breeding, holding and use of all animals at the University of Newcastle for the purpose of research as defined by the NSW Animal Research Act.
  • Animal Research S4 and S8 Drug Use GuidelinesThis document outlines guidelines for the use of S4 and S8 drugs by researchers in approved protocols at the University of Newcastle.
  • Appointment as 'Laureate Professor' PolicyThis policy outlines the proposal and appointment of the title of Laureate Professor which was created by the University in 2005 as an accolade for its most distinguished academics.
  • Appointment by Invitation: Exceptional Circumstances ProcedureThis procedure outlines the appointment by invitation process, which is outside of the University’s standard recruitment procedures.
  • Appointment of Conjoints GuidelinesThese guidelines outline the process for appointment of conjoint academics.
  • Associate Degree - Awards and Programs ScheduleThis Schedule provides the detailed principles and criteria that underpin the self-accreditation process for each Associate Degree award that may be delivered and conferred by the University of Newcastle.
  • Associate Degree in Health ScheduleThe Associate Degree in Health is the exit award for a number of programs offered by the Faculty of Health and Medicine.
  • Awarding With Distinction GuidelineThis guideline defines the circumstances by which students are deemed eligible and which units are utilised in the calculation of the GPA for the purpose of awarding a degree "with Distinction".
  • Awards and Graduation PolicyThis policy provides guidance on University requirements and responsibilities for the conferral of awards, graduation ceremonies, graduation documents; academic dress, and award abbreviations.