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Supporting Students with Disability Policy

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Section 1 - Audience

(1) This policy applies to staff and students of the University of Newcastle (University).

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Section 2 - Executive Summary

(2) The University aims to take reasonable steps to support students with disability in physical, learning and social spaces and in delivering academic courses and programs, without students experiencing discrimination.

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Section 3 - Purpose

(3) The purpose of this policy is to outline the framework for practices and initiatives for students with disability which, in the delivery of courses and programs, aims to promote:

  1. Equality;
  2. Awareness;
  3. Understanding;
  4. Inclusion;
  5. Access; and
  6. Participation.
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Section 4 - Responsibilities

For Students

(4) Students with disability are expected to:

  1. Make early contact with the University's AccessAbility Team to discuss their individual requirements;
  2. Register with the University's AccessAbility Team and provide appropriate documentation, in a timely way, which verifies the existence of the disability or medical condition;
  3. Consult the University's AccessAbility Team regarding the development of a Reasonable Adjustment Plan to set out reasonable adjustments.
  4. Understand the Reasonable Adjustment Plan must be shared with staff and/or areas of the University relevant to the delivery of the student's course and/or program.
  5. Access specialised services in a fair and effective manner.

For the University

(5) The University's objective is to:

  1. Consult with students with disability;
  2. Take reasonable steps to provide courses and programs in such a way that students with disability are able to participate, subject to the University maintaining the inherent requirements of the course and/or program;
  3. Take reasonable steps to deliver courses and programs to students with disability without students experiencing discrimination;
  4. Provide reasonable adjustments to students with disability;
  5. Encourage staff to be familiar with its policies in relation to students with disability;
  6. Take reasonable steps to provide access to students with disability to its campuses and facilities.