Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About the policy library
( Top )What information does the University Policy Library contain?

The University Policy Library is policy document development system - it is a database with a web interface.  It provides access to University of Newcastle policy documents including:

  • Rules
  • Policies 
  • Procedures, Schedules, Manuals and Guidelines
  • Associated information (forms, websites, legislation etc).

It also contains the University Policy Glossary.

For staff with the responsibility for developing policy documents, the Policy Library contains a built-in system and workflow to support every stage of the policy document development process, from creation/import through to consultation, submission for approval and publication.

For help or further information, please contact the Policy & Delegations Officer at Ph: +61 2 49216487.

( Top )Do I need to login?

No - almost all policy documents are available publicly on the web. A few documents are restricted to University staff and you will need to enter your login and password to view them.

Some draft documents posted on the Bulletin Board may ask for a login in order to provide feedback.  Drafts are normally only password protected during the early stages of development when they are posted for comment by a small working group only.

( Top )How do I find the policy document I am looking for?

All policy documents are listed in the View A-Z page in alphabetical order, by title. Alternatively, you can search the Policy Library from the Search page, using:

  • Full Text (i.e. words contained anywhere within the database or the documents themselves)
  • Keyword (i.e. words contained in a document's title, keywords and summary descriptions fields)
  • Management Area (lists documents by owning Division, Unit, and title)
  • Target Audience (lists documents based on who they apply to - i.e. students, staff or both)
  • Document Reference Number

Full Text and/or Keyword searches will also find matches in documents listed in Associated Information (all other search fields will not identify documents in Associated Information).

You can search using one field or a combination of multiple fields.

( Top )Who do I contact if I need help or further information?

If you are unable to find the document you are looking for or are having difficulty using the Policy Library you can contact the Policy & Delegations Officer at Ph: +61 2 49216487.

If you have found the document of interest to you and need further advice about its application or interpretation this can be directed to the document's Enquiries Contact which can be found on the status and details tab of the document in the Policy Library.

( Top )Where can I find related information?

Each policy document has an associated information tab which may include links and references to related information and materials such as relevant legislation; other policy documents; forms and web pages.

( Top )How do I find a policy document that was in place in the past (an historic version)?

Please contact the Policy & Delegations Officer at Ph: +61 2 49216487.

( Top )How can I search for every mention of a particular term across the whole Policy Library?

Click on the 'Search' tile on the Policy Library homepage.

Enter the search term into the 'Full Text' window of the search engine.

Choose 'Match Exact Phrase'.

Click on 'Search Documents'.

( Top )How are policy documents developed at the University?

The University Policy Framework sets out the system for the development, approval, implementation and management of University policy documents.

Before undertaking any policy development, please contact the Policy & Delegations Officer at Ph: +61 2 49216487.

( Top )I have a question about the Vice-Chancellor’s Operational Sub-Delegations schedule

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on the delegations register. If this content does not assist you with your enquiry, please contact

( Top )What is the University Policy Glossary?

The University Policy Glossary is a list of terms and their standard definitions. Unless separately defined within a document, the glossary definitions apply to all documents within the Policy Library.

Within policy documents, a broken line will appear under terms which are defined in the Policy Glossary. Users can hover over the term and the definition will pop up in a small window.