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Special Studies Program Policy

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Section 1 - Introduction

(1) This Policy supports the commitment of the University to provide opportunities for academic staff to participate in development activities through a Special Studies Program.

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Section 2 - Policy Intent

(2) The intent of this Policy is to establish the basis on which the Special Studies Program will be offered by the University.

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Section 3 - Policy Principles

(3) The Special Studies Program is a program of professional development for academic staff expected to provide benefit to both the University and the staff member.

(4) The program of work undertaken on a Special Studies Program must be agreed in advance of approval or commencement of the program.

(5) Participation in the Special Studies Program is not an employee entitlement and must be aligned to:

  1. The applicants participation in the Academic Planning and Performance Process, and progress in relation to mutually agreed goals and development planning;
  2. Identified institutional priorities.

(6) Participation in the Special Studies Program is not a period of leave, and during the period of participation in the program the academic staff member is subject to all the provisions applying to a staff member of the University.

(7) The University will make an annual call for participation in the Special Studies Program and conduct a process of selection of staff to participate in the Special Studies Program in the following year.

(8) Implementation of the Special Studies Program will be conducted in accordance with the Special Studies Program procedure and must be equitable and transparent in terms of access, funding, and approval processes.

(9) University credit cards must not be used to fund any Special Studies Program activities or costs.

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Section 4 - Roles and Responsibilities

(10) Applicants shall be responsible for following any procedures and processes required for application to and participation in the Special Studies Program.

(11) Supervisor/Manager of an Applicant for the Special Studies Program shall be responsible for considering the institutional priorities for offering access to the Special Studies Program and the mutual benefit of any proposed Special Studies Program.

(12) Chief People and Culture Officer shall be responsible for developing procedures to support the principles of this Policy.