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Student Reservist Support Procedure

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Section 1 - Context

(1) The University supports students who are members of the Defence Reserves, and has adopted special provisions to ensure they are not disadvantaged academically or financially as a consequence of participation in activities related to their roles as Defence Reserves.

(2) The Student Reservist Support Procedure details the process for special consideration to be granted to students who are in the Defence Reserves, with regard to attendance, availability of study materials, assessment requirements and refund of fees. It complements the University's Adverse Circumstances Affecting Assessment Items Procedure and should be read in conjunction with that document.

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Section 2 - Student Reservist

(3) A student who is a volunteer member of the Defence Reserves and as such is required to attend one or more compulsory camps of continuous training in a year and occasionally a non-compulsory camp or course, will be granted special consideration with regard to attendance and assessment requirements.

(4) In these circumstances the student shall provide the Student hub with a statement signed by an authorised officer of the Defence Reserves detailing the dates and times when attendance at the camp or training course is to take place.

(5) The Student hub will ensure that Course Co-ordinators for courses being undertaken by the student are notified throughout the year, of the approved absence, and do not disadvantage the student in terms of any compulsory attendance requirements.

(6) Where possible the Course Co-ordinator shall arrange to provide learning materials in alternative formats if the student is unable to attend face-to face classes during their Reserve activity.

(7) A student may apply to the Course Co-ordinator for additional time to complete assessment requirements, or a variation to the due date for submission of an assessment task on the grounds of being required to attend Defence Reserves training. Such a request shall be submitted as soon as possible before the due date of the submission of the assessment task in line with the provisions of the University's Adverse Circumstances Affecting Assessment Items Procedure.

(8) A student may apply for special consideration in the end of course examination or for a rescheduled examination on the grounds of being required to attend Defence Reserves training. Such a request shall be submitted on the University's prescribed form in compliance with the Adverse Circumstances Affecting Assessment Items Procedure.

(9) Special consideration approved by the Course Co-ordinator in clause 8 above may include the granting of a rescheduled examination.

(10) A student whose Defence Reserves service commitments impact negatively upon their attendance and assessment performance may apply in writing to the Head of School for special consideration to withdraw from the course without academic penalty (that is without a grade of fail on their academic record for courses being undertaken in the current study period). Such written request must be submitted before the last day of the relevant semester/trimester.

(11) If a student Reservist is forced to withdraw from a course(s) after the census date of the course in order to undertake full-time service the student will, before the end of the relevant term, submit appropriate documentation regarding that commitment. The University will:-

  1. if the student is a Commonwealth supported student:
    1. remit the student contribution and re-credit the student's HECS-HELP loan; and/or
    2. refund any payment of that contribution; and
  2. if the student is a fee-paying student:
    1. remit the fee and re credit the student's FEE-HELP loan; or
    2. refund any payment of the fee.