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Animal Research Policy

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Section 1 - Introduction

(1) The use of animals in research or teaching is governed by the Animal Research Act 1985 (NSW) and Animal Research Regulation 2010 (NSW).

(2) The University recognises the value of research involving animals and supports the ethical use of animals in research and teaching where such research complies with the relevant legislation.

(3) In accordance with the Animal Research Act 1985 (NSW) and Animal Research Regulation 2010 (NSW), the University of Newcastle is an accredited animal research establishment and must maintain this accreditation to enable animal research to be carried out at this institution.

(4) This policy should be read in conjunction with the supporting procedures and guidelines documents and the legislation governing the use of animals in research, including the Animal Research Act 1985 (NSW), Animal Research Regulation 2010 (NSW) and Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes (Australian Code).

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Section 2 - Policy Scope

(5) This policy covers the breeding, holding and use of all animals at the University of Newcastle for the purpose of research as defined by the NSW Animal Research Act. In this context ‘research’ includes teaching.

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Section 3 - Policy Intent

(6) This policy and the associated procedures and guidelines are designed to ensure that animal research at the University is carried out in an ethical manner and in accordance with legislation.

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Section 4 - Policy Provisions/Principles

(7) Animal Care and Ethics Committee

  1. The University has established the Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC), directly responsible to the Vice-Chancellor.
  2. The University ensures, through the ACEC, that all animal research complies with relevant legislation and national guidelines and codes.
  3. The University provides the ACEC with resources and powers to fulfil its terms of reference and operate as set out in the legislation and national guidelines and codes.
  4. The University accepts the responsibility to respond effectively to recommendations from the ACEC to ensure that all animal research within the institution remains in accordance with the legislation and national guidelines and codes.

(8) Animal Services Unit

  1. The University has established the Animal Services Unit which provides animal breeding, holding and care for research animals.
  2. The University provides the Animal Services Unit with the resources to ensure the wellbeing of animals held for research.

(9) Training

  1. The University provides training for personnel involved in the use or care of animals for research to ensure that such personnel are competent in the procedures they perform as required by the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes.

(10) Accreditation

  1. The University will maintain the required accreditation and licencing as an animal research institution and supplier.
  2. The University ensures that independent external review of its compliance with the Australian Code is carried out at least every four years.
  3. Generally the triennial accreditation inspection carried out by the Animal Research Review Panel (ARRP) will satisfy this requirement.
  4. Where ARRP is unable to inspect within four years of the previous external inspection, or where the University sees value in an additional external review, the University will make arrangements for this review to be conducted in accordance with the Australian Code.