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2NURFM Community Broadcasting Policy

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Section 1 - Introduction

(1) 2NURFM is a community broadcasting radio station, owned and operated by the University of Newcastle (the University), and supported by community sponsors, donors, students and volunteers.

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Section 2 - Strategic Objectives

(2) 2NURFM aims to:

  1. provide listeners of the Hunter region with music and infotainment programs of excellence and diversity that contribute to an inclusive, cohesive and culturally-diverse Australian community;
  2. be the Hunter region’s community voice for cultural and community information; and
  3. increase community involvement by engaging volunteers and contributors in broadcasting through proactive campaigns on-air, on-line and through social media.

(3) 2NURFM is committed to the lead drivers of the University’s strategic plan.

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Section 3 - Corporate Governance

(4) As a division of the University, 2NURFM is subject to the:

  1. University of Newcastle Act 1989 No 68; and
  2. University of Newcastle By-law 2017.

(5) 2NURFM will comply with the requirements of the University's rules and policies, where relevant and applicable.

(6) 2NURFM is subject to the requirements of the Broadcasting Services Act, 1992 (‘the Act’) and the Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice (‘the Code’). Information about 2NURFM's obligations under the Act, the Code and the station’s licence conditions, and where listeners can obtain a copy, including 2NURFM's complaints process, will be broadcast at least 5 times per week.

(7) Volunteers and staff of 2NURFM are required to comply with the Act and the Code, as well as any standard operating procedures (SOPs) of 2NURFM; and all relevant University rules and policies, including but not limited to:

  1. Privacy Management Plan;
  2. Complaint Management Policy;
  3. Volunteer Management (Including Volunteer Researcher) Policy; and
  4. Staff Code of Conduct.
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Section 4 - Diversity and Independence

(8) 2NURFM operates with and supports community participation in the station’s activities, including encouraging the local community to join the station and become trained to produce broadcasting programs appropriate to the local community. Individuals and community groups will be encouraged to participate in all aspects of the station’s operations and broadcasting; this includes, but is not limited to, sporting, age-related, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, religious, arts and local interest groups.

(9) 2NURFM will meet the needs and interests of the local community through:

  1. regular on-air announcements every day;
  2. outside broadcasts to engage with the community, where practical;
  3. training programs to equip potential volunteers in their involvement with the station;
  4. access to information about 2NURFM through the official website and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter;
  5. community service announcements and interviews; and
  6. participation in University and the station’s advisory committees.

(10) 2NURFM will ensure that CALD communities are provided with dedicated programming; and in all station activities and behaviour, will oppose and break down prejudice based on ethnicity, race, language, gender, sexuality, age, physical or mental ability, occupation, religious, cultural or political beliefs.

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Section 5 - Programming

General Programming Requirements

(11) 2NURFM programming will:

  1. be diverse in its range of community radio programs and content across all platforms;
  2. encourage innovation and experimentation in broadcasting and platforms, while pursuing an easy listening and friendly format, with a focus on rich and diverse quality content; and
  3. comply with all relevant laws, regulations and standards applicable to community broadcasting, including the Act and the Code.

(12) Content and programming will:

  1. explore areas of debate, information, music and cultural activities that may not be adequately covered by other media;
  2. encourage listeners to make their own informed and critical judgements;
  3. endeavour to reveal insights into the social, political and cultural aspects of society;
  4. emphasise and encourage Australian content; and
  5. present a clear and identifiable station image.

(13) 2NURFM will provide links between educational organisations, specifically the University, and the wider community through programming and content which:

  1. increase awareness of issues and opportunities for lifelong learning;
  2. encourage discussion within and across disciplines;
  3. involve members of the University communities;
  4. promote University events and activities; and
  5. assist with the University's community outreach objectives and strategic plan.

(14) 2NURFM reserves the right to broadcast subject matter and language which some may find offensive if such usage is considered appropriate and justified in context.

(15) 2NURFM will afford listeners the right of reply to programs, subject to negotiating with the station on an appropriate form of reply and time of broadcast.

Music Policy

(16) 2NURFM will present diverse and challenging music programs that will:

  1. emphasise and expand the role of music in defining and realising the identity of the station as a community broadcaster;
  2. maintain a commitment to Australian, multicultural and multilingual music content;
  3. meet the needs of the station’s core audience and deliver music formats that are under-represented in the radio industry;
  4. be at the forefront of music programming and content by identifying and anticipating transformations in, and expectations of, both a specialist and a general audience;
  5. identify and develop an understanding of the importance of a range of musical styles and cultures within the community; and
  6. maintain a commitment to new developments, distribution and reception of music at all levels of the community.

Australian Music Content

(17) Australian community broadcasters are renowned for supporting new, local, independent and particularly Australian music, providing a unique position to play and engage with a broad range of musical styles. 2NURFM will play a diverse range of music across all of its programming while continuing to support local musicians.

(18) 2NURFM will comply with the 25% Australian music content requirement of the Code, and aim for 30% Australian music across all general programming, to allow for specialist programs (music and/or talk based), which may not be able to meet the 25% requirement. Broadcasters are encouraged to present a wide range of musical styles while taking into account the station’s aims and objectives as well as the individual programs aims and objectives. All broadcasters will endeavour to ensure that, of the total music played throughout a program, at least 25% of this is Australian unless:

  1. the program aim is to focus on music or culture other than that of Australia; or
  2. the musical style of a program is of a nature that does not have a high incidence of Australian recordings.

(19) Prior approval must be given by the Programming Committee for a program to qualify for exemptions listed in Clause 18.

(20) All Australian recordings which are the property of 2NURFM will be visibly identified as Australian.

(21) An audit of all music broadcast by 2NURFM will be conducted by the Program Director on a monthly basis for programs that are required to comply with the 25% minimum of Australian music content.

(22) 2NURFM will not accept any form of payment in cash or in-kind in return for providing airplay or promotion of music, except where permitted under the provisions of the sponsorship policy outlined in Section 6.

(23) Presenters:

  1. are required to advise the Program Director of any changes made to planned music content after each program;
  2. are encouraged to, within the confines of the 2NURFM sponsorship policy (Section 6), promote local artists and local content; and
  3. are not permitted to make representations to record companies or other music suppliers on behalf of 2NURFM unless prior consent has been given by the 2NURFM Station Manager.

Indigenous Content

(24) 2NURFM recognises the diversity of cultures, languages, ways of life and kinship structures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 2NURFM acknowledges the traditional Aboriginal owners of the lands on which our offices are located, including:

  1. the Pambalong Clan of the Awabakal Nation;
  2. the Darkinjung People;
  3. the Biripai People; and
  4. also acknowledge and pay respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations from which our students, staff and community are drawn.

(25) 2NURFM will engage and collaborate with Indigenous peoples within the community, and foster links with the Wollotuka Institute of the University and Indigenous communities across the region in relation to content and Indigenous issues and interests.

(26) 2NURFM is committed to:

  1. providing a platform for all Indigenous peoples within the community to share information, educate and communicate their history, stories and aspirations; and
  2. communicating and broadcasting credible, informative, educational, and entertaining Indigenous content across all of its platforms.

(27) 2NURFM will adhere to all relevant broadcasting regulations regarding the reporting of Indigenous content and related matters, issues, events and community related matters.

(28) 2NURFM is proud to support NAIDOC week celebrations via on air and on-line promotion of NAIDOC events and happenings in the local Hunter area.

News and Current Affairs

(29) In presenting news and current affairs, 2NURFM and its presenters will:

  1. be critical of all sources of information and take reasonable steps to check the accuracy of information before broadcast;
  2. be attentive to a wide range of issues across all diverse groups, especially those issues affecting the local coverage area;
  3. report factual information accurately, and provide interpretation and analysis, where warranted, in a manner that clearly distinguishes fact from commentary;
  4. encourage discussion, debate, and exchange of ideas which can contribute to a more informed, educated, and engaged community;
  5. present a global perspective with a focus on both national and local issues, particularly on those issues affecting the Hunter region, and draw connections between these issues wherever appropriate;
  6. emphasise issues as well as action stories; avoid material tending to be purely superficial or sensational, and refrain from sensationalising or trivialising important issues;
  7. foster responsible and sensitive reporting in relation to suicide, mental health and domestic violence matters; 
  8. present information and raise issues without overestimating the specialised knowledge of its listeners, or underestimating their intelligence; and
  9. develop and maintain an independent agenda and priorities irrespective of those evident in other media.

Outside Broadcasts

(30) 2NURFM will undertake outside broadcasts, as practicable, to enable the station to be more accessible to the broader community. This will allow community members to see what the station does, how it operates, and how they may be able to contribute to the station, and importantly, give feedback on 2NURFM's service.

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Section 6 - Sponsorship

(31) 2NURFM will comply with the Act by meeting the following strict guidelines for sponsorship announcements:

  1. sponsorship content will be limited to five minutes in any hour, calculated from the top of the hour;
  2. every sponsorship announcement will be clearly ‘tagged’; and
  3. ensure there is a bona fide financial relationship between the sponsor and the station or the program.

(32) 2NURFM will ensure that:

  1. sponsorship is not a factor in determining access to broadcasting time;
  2. the content and style of individual programs will not be influenced by the program sponsor(s);
  3. overall programming will not be influenced by any sponsor(s); and
  4. sponsorship is not in breach of any relevant University rule or policy.

(33) Sponsorship arrangements will meet the requirements of the University's Conflict of Interest Policy.

(34) All sponsorship arrangements shall be recorded on a standard contract and approved by the Station Manager, Sales Manager, or a University delegate.

(35) Sponsorship announcements will be produced and presented in a style and form consistent with the program in which they are placed.

(36) Individual on-air presenters are not entitled to seek sponsorship on behalf of 2NURFM without written consent of the Station Manager.

Sponsor Suitability

(37) Sponsorship will not be accepted from person(s) or groups whose policies or practices are:

  1. inconsistent with the general directions of 2NURFM;
  2. are not aligned with the University's Ethical Framework; or
  3. who may bring the University or 2NURFM into disrepute.

(38) Sponsorship from companies who promote alcohol may be accepted, however, the announcements must not:

  1. promote irresponsible use of alcohol; or
  2. be directed towards minors.

(39) 2NURFM reserves the right to refuse any paid announcements.

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Section 7 - Complaints

(40) All complaints regarding 2NURFM will be handled in accordance with the Code, the 2NURFM Complaint Handling Procedure and the University's Complaint Management Policy and its associated documents. Persons wishing to make a complaint regarding 2NURFM are encouraged to access 2NURFM’s website in the first instance.