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Political Donation Policy

This is the current version of this document. You can provide feedback on this policy to the enquiries contact - refer to the Status and Details on the document's navigation bar.

Section 1 - Purpose 

(1) The University recognises the importance of maintaining integrity and public confidence in the University as a publicly funded institution in regards to its relationships with government.

(2) The University is also committed to the principle of academic freedom, including free and open discussion of political ideas and opinions, and acknowledges the right of University employees and Council members to participate as individuals in the political process.

(3) The University acknowledges that, in accordance with the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (Cth), an amount paid as a student services and amenities fee to the University (or by the University to other persons or organisations, including student organisations), cannot be used to support political parties, or to support a person in a federal, state or local council election.

(4) Within this context, the purpose of this Policy is to set out the University's position in relation to political donations.

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Section 2 - Application 

(5) This Policy applies to all University employees, students and members of the University Council.

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Section 3 - Policy Principles 

(6) The University maintains a position of impartiality with respect to party politics, and does not endorse any political party or candidate at any level of government.

(7) The University's policy is not to make political donations using University resources.

(8) However, the University does contribute to public policy debate on issues that affect the University and the higher education sector.

(9) The University respects the right of individuals to participate in the political process. This Policy does not restrict University employees, students or members of the University Council from having political views or associations (including membership of political parties, attendance at political events, or making political donations) in a personal capacity on their own time.

(10) University employees, students and members of the University Council participating in political activities (including the making of political donations) should do so in such a manner that makes it clear that they are not representing the University, and must not use University resources to engage in such activities.

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Section 4 - Roles and Responsibilities 

(11) All employees and students are to be familiar with this Policy and act in accordance with the Policy at all times. An employee or a student may be subject to disciplinary action if they do not comply with this Policy.