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Vehicles - Purchasing Procedure

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Section 1 - Motor Vehicles

(1) All purchases of motor vehicles from University funds will be subject to authorisation by the Executive Director, Business Services or nominee, regardless of source of funds. An Additional/Replacement Vehicle Request Form for Fleet/Pool, College/School/ Division Vehicles should be forwarded to the Procurement Section for processing.

(2) Approved Senior Positions should use the Salary Package Calculator & Change of Vehicle Form.

(3) Requests for the purchase of additional College/School/Division motor vehicles must be supported by a statement of justification (except where approved as part of a remuneration package or to maintain an essential general service).

(4) The criteria against which purchase of vehicles will be assessed will include:

  1. demonstrated need in terms of the use(s) to which the vehicle will be put.
  2. how the expressed need is currently met (if not a new activity).
  3. evidence that alternatives have been considered and are not feasible (ie pool vehicles, hire, use of private vehicles, other College/School/Division vehicles).
  4. consequences of non approval to purchase.
  5. availability of funds to meet ongoing recurrent operating costs and costs of replacement if applicable.
  6. cost/benefit analysis.
  7. Submissions in support of the purchase of a motor vehicle must address matters to do with management of the vehicle, including:
  8. identification of Officer (by way of position) who will have management responsibility for the vehicle.
  9. maintenance and repair.
  10. utilisation.
  11. security.
  12. garaging.

(5) The implications of the proposed purchase, including Fringe Benefit Tax liability, will be subject to consideration and resolution before approval will be given to proceed.

(6) The purchase of vehicles will normally be restricted to those available on Government Contract, and subject to local availability and local quotations. The type of vehicles purchased will be subject to purchase at best advantage to the University, consistent with proposed vehicle use.

(7) University vehicles will not normally be replaced before 12 months from the date of purchase or 20,000 kms of running, whichever occurs first.

(8) Policy in relation to the purchase of remuneration package vehicles is available via the Salary Packaging page.

(9) The University operates a number of motor vehicles including sedans, station wagons, 4WD's, trucks and tractors. These vehicles are generally divided into the following categories:

  1. College / School / Division vehicles (attached to Colleges / Schools / Divisions)
  2. Fleet / Pool Vehicles (attached to Facilities Management for hire)
  3. Remuneration Package vehicles

(10) For information concerning all vehicles contact the Procurement Section ph. 49216555.