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Chancellor Selection Procedure

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Section 1 - Introduction

(1) This Chancellor Selection Procedure (Procedure) provides a framework for the appointment of the Chancellor.

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Section 2 - Audience

(2) University Council.

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Section 3 - Authority

(3) This Procedure is authorised by the University Council.

(4) In accordance with Section 10 of the Act, the Council is responsible for electing a person (whether or not a Council member) to be the Chancellor of the University whenever a vacancy in the role occurs.

(5) In accordance with Section 11 of the Act, the Deputy Chancellor may act as Chancellor until such time as appointment of a Chancellor is made.  

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Section 4 - Timing

(6) The Chancellor Selection Committee will conduct the search for a Chancellor:

  1. in the case where the incumbent's term is due to expire, approximately eight to twelve months prior to the date on which the present term will expire; or
  2. in the case where the incumbent has resigned, at the meeting at which the resignation is received; or
  3. in the case where the office is otherwise vacated in accordance with section 11A or schedule 1 of the Act, at the first meeting after the office is vacated. 
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Section 5 - Candidate Search

(7) The Council, through its Chancellor Selection Committee, will conduct the search for a Chancellor.

(8) The Chancellor Selection Committee shall comprise:

  1. the Deputy Chancellor, as Chair. In the event that the Deputy Chancellor wishes to be considered for the position of Chancellor, then the Committee shall appoint an external member of Council as Chair, and the Deputy Chancellor shall not participate in the search process;
  2. the Vice-Chancellor;
  3. two external members of Council.

(9) The Chancellor Selection Committee may co-opt additional members as required.

(10) The Chancellor Selection Committee will:

  1. take all steps deemed necessary to obtain appropriate candidatures and nominations;
  2. obtain any information deemed relevant concerning the candidates and nominees.  
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Section 6 - Candidate Requirements

(11) Candidates for the position of Chancellor should embody the following qualities and qualifications:

  1. personal integrity and probity;
  2. eminence in their chosen vocation, profession or community endeavour;
  3. proven ability to lead a large organisation and extensive experience and a reputation for effective performance as Chair of a large complex organisation (preferably some of those with membership drawn from a diversity of backgrounds) and a clear understanding of, and record of adherence to, appropriate governance principles;
  4. capacity to fulfil the leadership role of Chancellor in Council and its committees; to represent the University with distinction in ceremony and ritual, and to protect and promote the standing of the University in the community;
  5. be available to carry out the duties of Chancellor on an on-going basis for the duration of the term of office; and
  6. a strong commitment to higher education and preferably, a demonstrated interest in the University.  
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Section 7 - Candidate Selection

(12) Once the search process is concluded, the Chancellor Selection Committee, with the support of the University Secretary, will:

  1. prepare a shortlist of potential candidates;
  2. meet with the potential shortlisted candidates to determine their interest in the position, setting out the expectations of the role of Chancellor and commitment required to fulfil the role;
  3. identify a preferred candidate;
  4. prepare a selection report for the consideration of Council.

(13) Once the preferred candidate has formally indicated their willingness to accept the position, the Council will confidentially consider the recommendation for the preferred candidate and selection report, and elect a Chancellor for an initial term.  

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Section 8 - Reappointment of a Chancellor

(14) The Chancellor is eligible for re-election upon expiry of a term of office, in accordance with section 26 of the Act.

(15) Where it has been determined by the Council that the existing Chancellor is the most suitable person to assist the University achieve its vision, mission and strategic plan, the Deputy Chancellor will approach the Chancellor to determine his or her willingness to continue as Chancellor.

(16) If the Chancellor is willing to continue in the role, the Council will consider the proposal to re-elect the Chancellor for a further term.