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JMP - Course/Unit Outlines Policy

This is the current version of this document. You can provide feedback on this policy to the enquiries contact - refer to the Status and Details on the document's navigation bar.

Section 1 - Content

(1) This policy applies to all MEDI Course/Units offered by the School of Medicine and Public Health (University of Newcastle (UON) and Rural Medicine (University of New England (UNE)) in the delivery of the Joint Medical Program (JMP).

(2) Assessment rules for elective (non-MEDI) course/units undertaken by JMP students will be in accordance with the following policies:

  1. at University of Newcastle:
    1. JMP Appeal Against a Final Result Procedure;
    2. JMP Remarks and Moderations Procedure;
    3. JMP Essential Criteria in Course Assessment Policy;
    4. JMP Policy Governing the Administration of Assessment Items Policy;
    5. JMP Group, Self, and Peer Assessment Policy
  2. at University of New England:
    1. General Rules;
    2. Assessment Rule;
    3. Academic Assessment Appeals Policy;
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Section 2 - Definitions

(3) In the context of this document:

  1. course at UON means any part of a program for which a result may be recorded;
  2. Dean means the Dean of Medicine - Joint Medical Program (JMP);
  3. Head of School means the Head of School of Medicine and Public Health at UON and/or the Head of School of Rural Medicine at UNE who is/are responsible for delivery of JMP Committee approved MEDI course/units;
  4. Joint Medical Program (JMP) means the Bachelor of Medicine – Joint Medical Program (BMed-JMP) or Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine (MD – JMP); as delivered in partnership by UON and UNE;
  5. JMP Teaching and Learning Committee means the joint UON/UNE committee responsible for the planning, implementation and management of the JMP curriculum, assessment and standards;
  6. Teaching period means term of teaching in which a complete course/unit is delivered. Due to multi-term sequence structure of the Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine – Joint Medical Program the teaching period will be 2 consecutive semesters in a single calendar year with the final grade being awarded at the completion of Part B in the second semester;
  7. UON means the University of Newcastle;
  8. Unit at UNE means any part of a Course for which a result may be recorded;
  9. UNE means the University of New England.
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Section 3 - Course Outlines

(4) Course/Unit Coordinators are required to provide the students in each course/unit undertaken in the JMP with a Course/Unit Outline. Course/Unit Outlines are to be provided free of charge to the students.

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Section 4 - Approval

(5) The Course/Unit Outline must be approved by the JMP Teaching and Learning Committee in consultation with Heads of School before being given to JMP students at the commencement of each teaching period. A single JMP curriculum is delivered across the Universities of New England and Newcastle. UNE and UON course/unit Course Co-ordinators and Heads of School cooperate in relation to the preparation of Course/Unit/Course Outlines which are approved by the JMP Teaching and Learning Committee.

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Section 5 - Delivery of MEDI Course/Unit Outlines

(6) The Course/Unit Outline shall be made available via Blackboard. The Course/Unit Coordinator must provide for those students with print disabilities who request a Course/Unit Outline in an appropriate format and timeframe.

(7) The Course/Unit Outline shall be available and confirmed by the end of the second week of the teaching period. Only in extenuating circumstances can the content of a Course/Unit Outline be changed after the second week of semester and only with Dean of Medicine - Joint Medical Program (JMP) and joint Heads of School approval. If any revisions are made, a revised Course/Unit Outline shall be provided to students in the same manner as the original was distributed.

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Section 6 - Contents of Course/Unit Outline

(8) The Course/Unit Outline shall contain the following:

  1. University identification;
  2. Course/Unit code;
  3. Course/Unit title;
  4. Course/Unit value;
  5. Assumed Knowledge;
  6. Course/Unit Requisites;
  7. Brief Course/Unit Description;
  8. Course/Unit Objectives;
  9. Course/Unit Content;
  10. Semester of offer;
  11. Faculty;
  12. School;
  13. Location of School Office;
  14. Teaching Staff – with the Course/Unit Coordinator clearly identified;
  15. Teaching Methods;
  16. Mode of Delivery;
  17. Contact Hours and Locations;
  18. Attendance and/or Other Class Requirements;
  19. Teaching Staff Availability and Locations – particularly the availability of the Course/Unit Coordinator;
  20. Assessment items – this field shall give precise details of:
    1. methods of assessment;
    2. the number of assessment items;
    3. a brief description of each;
    4. the component weighting of each (any proposed change in weightings to assessment items from the previous offer of a Course/Unit must be approved by the Heads of School);
    5. assessment criteria for each;
    6. the time of administering the task or the due dates;
    7. whether a passing grade is required in any item to obtain a passing grade in the Course/Unit;
    8. details of any essential criteria, including a rationale for inclusion, how they can be attained, and cleared if not achieved initially;
    9. the policy regarding late submission of assessable material;
    10. details of any “returnable” and “non-returnable” assessment items. (“Returnable” assessment items are those that are returned to the student, and “non-returnable” assessment items are those which are not returnable to the student. There may be reasons, other than the practical impossibility of returning assessment items, for deeming an assessment item “non-returnable”); and
    11. reference to the JMP Procedure for Re-Marks and Moderations.
  21. A notice that no alternation to the Outline will be allowed after the second week of the teaching period except under extenuating circumstances with Dean of Medicine - Joint Medical Program (JMP) and joint Heads of School approval and that students will be notified in advance of the change.
  22. The Course/Unit Outline shall contain a notice that a student may or will be required to provide written assessment items in electronic form as well as hard copy.
  23. A brief warning regarding plagiarism and cheating with web addresses to relevant University Academic Integrity and Student Misconduct Rule.
  24. A notice that students may have their assessment items submitted to a plagiarism detection software package.
  25. Reference to an announcements page (on Blackboard) for news about the Course/Unit or messages relating to the Course/Unit.
  26. Information relating to support available to students with a disability, including contact details for the students support services.
  27. A brief description of provisions relating to extensions, rescheduled examinations and special consideration with web addresses to relevant University policies and application forms.
  28. Information on procedures for changing enrolment (census dates etc).
  29. Web addresses for JMP Schedule / Rules.
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Section 7 - Additional Material

(9) Course/Unit Outlines  may also contain teaching material, such as:

  1. study guides;
  2. presentation guides;
  3. bibliographies;
  4. readings;
  5. laboratory exercise sheets etc.

(10) Note, if any of these are to be handed back to the teaching staff, they must be detachable so the student can retain the Course/Unit Outline. If they are attached they must also be provided free of charge.

(11) Checklist for JMP Course/Unit Outlines.