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Bachelor of Health Schedule

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Section 1 - Transfer of Students

(1) The Bachelor of Health is the exit award for students enrolled in one of the following programs:

  1. Bachelor of Medicine;
  2. Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours);
  3. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours);
  4. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours);
  5. Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Diagnostic Radiography);
  6. Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Radiation Therapy);
  7. Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Honours) (Nuclear Medicine);
  8. Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours).

(2) Students enrolled in the programs listed in Clause 1 who have satisfied the requirements for the Bachelor of Health may be permitted to transfer to the exit degree Bachelor of Health. Students wishing to transfer shall apply in writing to the Pro Vice-Chancellor, College of Health, Medicine and Wellbeing, for approval.

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Section 2 - Qualification for Bachelor of Health

(3) To qualify for the award Bachelor of Health a student shall be enrolled in one of the programs listed in Clause 1 and pass a program of study approved by the Program and Course Approval Committee totalling a minimum of 240 units.

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Section 3 - Grading of Degree

(4) The Bachelor of Health will be:

  1. conferred as an ordinary degree; or
  2. the degree will be awarded 'with Distinction' to those students who gain a minimum GPA of 6.0 based on all studies undertaken in the program.
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Section 4 - Re-Admission and/or Re-Enrolment into Original Program

(5) Except under exceptional circumstances approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and Vice President on recommendation of the Pro Vice-Chancellor, College of Health, Medicine and Wellbeing, students awarded the Bachelor of Health will not be permitted to then re-enrol or be re-admitted to their original program of study.