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Chancellor Installation Ceremony Procedure

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Section 1 - Context

(1) This procedure supports the implementation of Clause 10 of the University of Newcastle Act 1989 No 68 (NSW):

10 Chancellor

The Council shall:

(a) at its first meeting or as soon as practicable thereafter, and
(b) whenever a vacancy in the office of Chancellor occurs,

elect a person (whether or not a member of the Council) to be Chancellor of the University.

(2) The Chancellor assumes his or her position upon election by the University Council. The installation ceremony outlined below fulfils no legislated function, but reinforces identification with the University by the community through the establishment of a lasting ceremonial tradition.

(3) The core ceremonial elements outlined in the procedure will be included in all Chancellor installation ceremonies. This protocol may change to meet the future needs of the University. Any changes will be balanced against the need to sustain a lasting tradition.

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Section 2 - Responsibilities

(4) The External Relations Office will plan the event in consultation with the Vice-Chancellor, the incoming Chancellor, and the Deputy Chancellor. Consultation with relevant University stakeholders will occur as required.

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Section 3 - Procedure

(5) The following ceremonial acts are essential components of the installation ceremony. Their order in the proceedings of any particular ceremony may vary to meet the needs of event organisers. The preferred order is:

Processional Order

(6) The congregation should enter the Great Hall informally, standing for the procession of the Dais Party.

  1. The Dais Party is seated as follows:
    1. Front Row:- President of Alumni, Deputy Chancellor, Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Elder in Residence, Vice-Chancellor, Governor (or representative), Mace Bearer, incoming Chancellor.
    2. Second Row:- Pro Chancellors and other Members of Council, President of Academic Senate, two Student Representatives.
    3. Third Row:- Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Pro Vice-Chancellors.

Artefacts of the University

(7) The artefacts are presented to the Chancellor by representatives of the University's constituencies, and are accompanied in each case by a ceremonial action.

The Petition

(8) The Chancellor signs the Petition, which is presented to him or her by the two student representatives.

(9) The External Relations Office will propose to the Vice-Chancellor suitable persons to undertake the role of student representatives.


(10) The Chancellor's robe is placed upon him or her by a representative of the Newcastle community and a representative of the University alumni, who first remove the Chancellor's degree robe.

(11) The External Relations Office will propose to the Vice-Chancellor suitable persons to undertake the roles of community representative and alumni representative.  

The Mace

(12) The University  Mace is presented to the Chancellor by a representative of the University's academic staff. The Chancellor gestures with the Mace towards the audience, the dais party and members of the University Council before returning it to the academic staff representative.

(13) The External Relations Office will propose to the Vice-Chancellor a suitable person to undertake the role of academic staff representative.

The Medallion

(14) The medallion is a symbol of the Chancellor's office, and is part of the Chancellor's regalia. It is only worn during formal academic ceremonies. 

(15) The medallion is presented to the Chancellor by the Governor, or representative, after the Pledge of Office is administered.

Administering the Pledge of Office

(16) The Governor, or representative, gives the pledge to the Chancellor. The pledge is in a call and response format, with the Governor, or representative, speaking first.

  1. Governor:- Australia’s Aboriginal people preceded us here.
  2. Chancellor:- I acknowledge that presence and celebrate its continuation.
  3. Governor:- The University is the gift of the community and of those who have studied and worked here.
  4. Chancellor:- I honour our past, and acknowledge that the present we create will be our gift to those who follow.
  5. Governor:- The University is part of the Hunter region and shares its successes and challenges.
  6. Chancellor:- I acknowledge our obligations to the Hunter and to all of the regions in which we have a presence.
  7. Governor:- Our academics connect us to knowledge around the world; our professional staff create a foundation for sharing that knowledge.
  8. Chancellor:- I will support the freedom of our academics to pursue knowledge, and respect the dedication of all our staff.
  9. Governor:- Our students come from across the region and across the world.
  10. Chancellor:- Their diversity is our wealth. I will protect the aspirations that drew our students here and the futures that draw them on.
  11. Governor:- Our graduates belong to the University, and the University to them.
  12. Chancellor:- I welcome our alumni as a vital part of the life of the University.
  13. Governor:- Today the University asks you to serve as Chancellor, to shepherd it through the changes that it faces, to preserve its traditions, and to guide its aspirations.
  14. Chancellor:- I will serve.

Presentation of the Chancellor's Medallion

(17)  The Governor, or representative, presents the medallion to the Chancellor, hanging it around the neck of the incoming Chancellor.


(18) The Governor, or representative, proclaims the Chancellor installed in office.

Chancellor’s Response

(19) The Chancellor may outline his or her background, association with the University of
Newcastle, and his or her agenda for the period of tenure.

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Section 4 - Event Budget

(20) The event budget is determined by the Vice-Chancellor in consultation with the Director, Alumni and Philanthropy one year preceding the end of the outgoing Chancellor's tenure. The decision on the source of the funding will be made at this time.

(21) Where the Office of the Chancellor is vacated other than due to the expiration of the term of office, the event budget for the incoming Chancellor will be determined by the Vice-Chancellor in consultation with the Director, Alumni and Philanthropy as soon as practicable following the announcement of the new incoming Chancellor.