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Travel Policy

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Section 1 - Executive Summary

(1) This policy applies to all domestic and international travel arrangements by University travellers on approved University business, regardless of the source of funds, the duration or purpose of travel. 

(2) All travel must be pre-approved by a Delegated Officer prior to booking the travel, in accordance with the process specified in the Travel Manual and related documents (see Associated Information). University travellers must not, under any circumstances, authorise their own travel. 

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Section 2 - Purpose

(3) This policy is designed to ensure that the University:

  1. fulfils its duty of care obligations to University travellers
  2.  makes the most efficient use of its resources in the travel booking and expense management process;
  3.  maintains accurate records for all travel approval and travel related expenditure.
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Section 3 - Scope

(4) This policy and Travel Manual apply to all staff and University travellers.

(5) University Council (Council) members must refer to Reimbursement of Council Members Expenses Policy in the first instance, and if an item is not covered in this latter policy, then they must refer to this policy.


(6) This policy does not apply to the following travel events:

  1. student exchange programs – refer to program terms and conditions,
  2. special studies program – refer to the Special Studies Program Policy and Special Studies Program Procedure,
  3. visiting scholars – refer to Human Resource Services,
  4. interviewees – refer to Human Resource Services,
  5. relocation of new appointees – refer to Human Resource Services,
  6. visitors – unless travelling on pre-approved University business,
  7. guests – unless travelling on pre-approved University business,
  8. intercampus travel between the Callaghan, Ourimbah and Newcastle City campuses or
  9. travel within the city of the University traveller's home campus.
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Section 4 - Principles

(7) All University travel must comply with the SEE (Safe, Essential, Economical) travel policy principles:

  1. Safe
    1. The University traveller and the approving Delegated Officer must take reasonable steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone travelling on University business
  2. Essential 
    1. The University traveller must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the approving Delegated Officer that: 
    2. the travel is required, essential, within cost centre budget and beneficial for the functionsof the University, and 
    3. the business component of the travel represents more than 50% of the total travel duration. If not, refer to the section on Personal contribution to flights’ cost in the Travel Manual.
  3. Economical 
    1. The University traveller and the approving Delegated Officer must take reasonable steps to ensure that all expenses associated with the University travel are economical and the make best use of University funding. 
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Section 5 - Travel Manual 

(8) The Travel Manual forms part of this policy. 

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Section 6 - Compliance

(9) The University traveller must, within fourteen days of being informed, pay any Fringe Benefit Tax liability that arises through non-compliance with this policy. 

(10) The University will not refund claimed expense(s) to the University traveller until the appropriate, sufficient and acceptable receipts, tax invoices and/or statutory declarations have been received by the University. 

(11) If travel that is not safe, economical and essential is booked, the University traveller's University credit card may be suspended and personal cost contribution can be demanded to bring the costs back to the mandated economical level. Further breaches may result in a disciplinary action

(12) For credit card breaches, please refer to the Purchasing Card Policy and Procedures