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Furniture, Building Alterations and Air Conditioning Purchasing Procedure

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Section 1 - Procedure

(1)  All requisitions for the following services are to be referred to Infrastructure and Facilities Services for approval prior to orders being issued:

  1. Minor building alterations;
  2. Electrical installations;
  3. Air conditioning;
  4. Carpet, floor coverings;
  5. Curtains, blinds, whiteboards, pin boards;
  6. Graphics and signage;
  7. Office and Classroom furniture;
  8. Engagement of consultants (e.g. for preparation of schematic building proposals etc).

(2) Quotations for this type of work should not be obtained until the advice of Infrastructure and Facilities Services staff has been obtained.

(3) Furniture requirements should also be discussed with Infrastructure and Facilities Services or Strategic Procurement staff to ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety requirements and that on-going maintenance will be available.