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Lecture Recording All-In Procedure

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Section 1 - Introduction

(1) The University of Newcastle (the University) supports the design of blended and online curriculum delivery that caters to the needs and expectations of its student population. The demand from students for the provision of recorded lectures, and supporting evidence that students believe having access to classroom based recordings improves their overall learning experience, has led to the formulation of the Lecture Recording All-In Policy. The Lecture Recording “All-In” Procedure (the Procedure) outlines how, in exceptional circumstances, a lecturer can opt-out’ from having a lecture recorded.  

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Section 2 - Audience

(2) All staff and students of the University.

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Section 3 - Procedure


(3) Lecturers wishing to opt-out of recording will need to show evidence that their lecture would not be appropriate for capture. The following circumstances will not be accepted as reason to opt-out of having a lecture for a course captured:

  1. personal preference not to capture;
  2. perceived adverse effect on student attendance; and/or
  3. the lecture contains a limited amount of material protected by copyright. (This can be accommodated by following the University's advice on UON Library - Copyright, utilising the pause/resume functionality where equipped, or editing recording to remove protected content).

(4) The procedure to request to opt-out from having a lecture recorded is:

  1. the Lecturer and Course Co-ordinator will submit a written request and justification to opt-out to the relevant Head of School/Unit Director.  The written request must provide the following information:
    1. Lecturer name;
    2. Course Co-ordinator name;
    3. Course Number;
    4. opt-out date(s);
    5. opt-out location(s) (room number, building name, campus);
    6. opt-out time(s); and
    7. justification for opting out.
  2. if endorsed by Head of School/Unit Director, the written request will be submitted for endorsement to the relevant College Pro Vice-Chancellor.
  3. following consideration, the College Pro Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) will provide written notification of the outcome (approved or denied) of the request to the Lecturer (and Course Co-ordinator) as well as to the Assistant Director, Learning Design and Teaching Innovation, or nominee.
  4. if the request is approved, the Lecturer will provide this written approval and all the information listed in item 4a) to Learning Technology Support, Learning Design and Teaching Innovation ( for processing.
  5. Learning Technology Support will process the approved request within two business days.
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Section 4 - Roles and Responsibilities

(5) College Pro Vice-Chancellors or their nominees (Heads of School) have the authority to grant approval to opt-out of lecture recordings in University-managed lectures.

(6) Learning Design and Teaching Innovation (Learning Technology Support) will process approved requests to opt-out of lecture recordings.

(7) The Assistant Director, Learning Design and Teaching Innovation, or nominee, will provide advice to the College Pro Vice-Chancellors and their nominees regarding opt-out requests, as required.