Status and Details

Status and Details

This page contains information about the status, approval and implementation of this version of the document. It also contains information contact details for the subject matter expert.  To the right, a brief summary of the changes between this and the previous version is provided.

Research Training Program Scholarship Policy

Status Current
Effective Date 22nd July 2019
Review Date 22nd July 2021
Approval Authority Academic Senate
Approval Date 2nd July 2019
Expiry Date Not Applicable
Enquiries Contact Sherelle Charge
Manager Operations - UON Graduate Research
+61 2 49854454
UON Graduate Research

Summary of Changes from Previous Version

-Creation of clause 17(a) ii, to include the operational policy for relocation allowances for domestic JADD and DADD candidates
-Change to Clause 17(b) to ensure policy on durations of OSHC is consistent with practice.
-Clarify that Section 11 applies to stipend recipients.
-Creation of clause 65(b), for consistency with changes to the HDR Scholarship Policy.
- Amendments to clauses 69(d) and 71, for consistency with changes to the HDR Scholarship Policy.

Clauses Amended:Policy/Schedule: All