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Recognition Ceremonies Conducted By Partner Institutions Policy

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Protocols

(1) Graduation ceremonies are held at the Callaghan and Ourimbah Campuses in Australia in semester 1, the Callaghan Campus in semester 2 and in an overseas country in semester 2.

(2) Once students have qualified for an award of the University they are invited to attend a formal graduation ceremony at any of the specified locations.

(3) The Chancellor of the University presides over graduation ceremonies and the Chancellor is authorised by the Council to present testamurs to graduates at the ceremonies.

(4) Partner institutions may hold recognition or prize giving ceremonies to celebrate the achievements of students based at those institutions.

(5) Since prize giving or recognition ceremonies are not official graduation ceremonies, senior officers of the University, including the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor or any Pro Vice-Chancellor, do not officiate at such ceremonies but are encouraged to attend as invited guests. Partner institution personnel should officiate at recognition or prize giving ceremonies.

(6) Attendance by senior University and College personnel is strongly encouraged and should be in response to an invitation from the Head of the partner institution.

(7) As testamurs of the University are only presented at formal graduation ceremonies, Certificates of Participation or Recognition Certificates may be presented at recognition ceremonies. University staff are happy to assist in the design of these documents.

(8) Graduates may wear academic dress at recognition ceremonies. The hire of academic dress is arranged by the partner institution.

(9) Any plans by a partner institution to hold a recognition ceremony or requests for University involvement in such a ceremony should be communicated to the Director, Development as soon as possible to ensure that the University's support for and involvement in the ceremony is coordinated.

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Section 2 - University of Newcastle Graduation Ceremonies

(10) Students are encouraged to attend one of the University's official graduation ceremonies either in Australia or a South East Asian country. The Director, Development is to ensure arrangements are in place for this to occur.