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Volunteer (Including Volunteer Researcher) Procedure

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Section 1 - Context

(1) This Procedure supports the provisions of the University's Volunteer Management (Including Volunteer Researcher) Policy and should be read in conjunction with that document.

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Section 2 - Invitation to a Volunteer Researcher

(2) An invitation to a volunteer researcher should include a clear indication of:

  1. the University's contribution to the initiative (e.g. airfares, living allowance);
  2. the contribution of any third party;
  3. the activities to be undertaken;
  4. the details of the supervision to be provided by the University; and
  5. the duration of the activity.
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Section 3 - Safety Risk Review

(3) A Safety Risk Review will be completed prior to the engagement of a volunteer. A Safety Risk Review will be facilitated by the attached Volunteer Checklist and should include an assessment of the:

  1. tasks to be undertaken;
  2. necessary supervision;
  3. need to formally induct the volunteer;
  4. ethics and safety approval requirements;
  5. clearance requirements;
  6. occupational health & safety considerations;
  7. need for a formal risk assessment where consistent with standard discipline or organisational practice; and
  8. information technology requirements.
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Section 4 - Supervision of a Volunteer

(4) The assigned supervisor will be responsible for ensuring that:

  1. a volunteer is provided with a copy of the approved Volunteer Checklist;
  2. the completed and approved Volunteer Checklist is forwarded to the School Executive Officer, Director's Office or nominee;
  3. volunteers are made aware of University policy requirements and Emergency Procedures; and
  4. international volunteers hold a valid visa.

(5) The assigned supervisor will also be responsible for the following consistent with standard discipline and organisational practices:

  1. volunteers undergo occupational health and safety and college induction;
  2. volunteers are made aware of legislative and statutory requirements;
  3. volunteers obtain any clearance appropriate to an activity or discipline (e.g. working with children and/or criminal record checks and/or a Statutory Declaration); and
  4. approval is obtained from the relevant supervisor of high-risk facilities (eg. radiation facilities or PC2 facilities) where necessary.
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Section 5 - Supervision of Volunteer Researchers

(6) In addition to the responsibilities outlined in clause 4, supervisors of volunteer researchers must ensure that:

  1. a formal research plan has been developed for a volunteer researcher and that their performance is monitored against the plan;
  2. the health and safety controls documented in the Safety Risk Review or Health and Safety Risk Assessment are implemented and monitored.
  3. an intellectual property agreement is established where volunteers are engaged in research activities with potential for commercialisation.
  4. the nominator of an Occupational Trainee Visa (Subclass 442) is familiar and complies with the obligations of the visa.
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Section 6 - Expenses

(7) Volunteers may be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses, provided that prior approval has been obtained by the supervisor and a suitable receipt is provided (e.g. travel or food expenses).

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Section 7 - Insurance

(8) Each School Executive Officer, Director or nominee will be responsible for maintaining a consolidated file of all approved Volunteer Checklists. This information will be periodically requested by the Risk Management Unit for insurance purposes.

(9) Granted the limited personal accident insurance for volunteers provided by the University, volunteers should be made aware of the benefits of having their own Personal Accident Insurance.

(10) In the event of a claim against the University's policy, the volunteer will need to be able to produce the completed Volunteer Checklist as proof of their being authorised by the University. Information regarding coverage is available on the Work Experience and Volunteering Insurance Website.

(11) Work experience volunteers are not covered by the University's person accident policy. Work experience volunteers associated with another organisation (e.g. TAFE students, secondary school students) must provide proof of personal accident and public liability insurance from their associated organisation prior to commencing their work experience. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that such proof is provided.