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Alcohol and Other Drugs Management Procedure

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Introduction

(1) This procedure supports the implementation of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy and must be read in conjunction with that policy and the Appendices attached to this document.

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Section 2 - Procedure

Managing Misuse of Alcohol or Other Drugs

(2) Staff are not expected to diagnose or counsel students or staff who appear to be misusing alcohol or drugs.

(3) Where safety issues or impaired performance resulting from alcohol or drug use are identified, staff must take action if there is a risk to the wellbeing or welfare of the person or others.

(4) Students who are aware that another student is affected by alcohol or drug use should encourage the affected student(s) to seek assistance and should recommend contacting the University's Counselling Service.

(5) Where appropriate staff who believe that misuse of alcohol or drugs is occurring, are to encourage students/staff (in confidence) to seek assistance and should offer them access to the University's EAP for staff or University Counselling Service for students.

(6) Staff members are to avoid acting in a manner that may itself be unsafe or may aggravate the situation and should being the matter to the attention of their immediate supervisor. Where there is an issue of safety Security must be contacted to determine an appropriate management plan.

(7) A member of staff who has a student in a class who appears to be affected by alcohol or other drugs may:

  1. request that the student leave class if their behaviour is distracting or disruptive;
  2. insist that the student leave the class if the effect of alcohol or drugs
    1. leaves them incapable of operating equipment safely or
    2. impairs the safe handling of equipment by other students;
  3. seek the assistance of Security Officers if the student resists appropriate advice or instruction about leaving; and
  4. at a subsequent meeting, encourage the student to seek assistance from the University Counselling Service.
  5. The staff member may request the student to leave the area or the engagement but should recognise when a student may be at risk and make appropriate arrangements for assistance.
  6. University  staff responsible for formal events that are endorsed by the University must undertake an appropriate risk assessment in the course of planning the event.
  7. All events involving alcohol must be in accordance with the Liquor Regulation 2008.
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Section 3 - Appendices 

(8) Appendices – Alcohol and Other Drugs Management Procedure