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University Medals Procedure

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Section 1 - Introduction

(1) The University may award a University Medal to a student in recognition of exceptional academic achievement.

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Section 2 - Audience

(2) All Faculty staff nominating a student for University Medal; all students seeking information on the criteria for consideration for a University Medal.

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Section 3 - General Procedural Principles

Eligibility List

(3) The eligibility list for consideration for University Medals shall be developed from:

  1. the eligible programs, being the following University of Newcastle programs:
    1. AQF level 8 Bachelor Honours, and
    2. AQF level 9 Master of Architecture, and
    3. AQF level 9 Juris Doctor/Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

      provided that the Level 7 programs that the graduate relies on as the basis of entry to the eligible programs are awards of the University of Newcastle.
  2. Graduates of the eligible programs who:
    1. have completed the eligible program in not more than two semesters in excess of the standard minimum period (full-time or part-time) required for completion of the program; and
    2. are a graduate of an eligible AQF Level 9 program, or achieved an Honours Class 1 in an eligible AQF level 8 Bachelor Honours program;
    3. have an Eligible cumulative WAM of 85 or greater;
    4. have no record of academic misconduct at the University of Newcastle.


(4) Student Central will prepare the eligibility list along with a structured program transcript for each graduate on the list.

(5) Student Central will consider the eligibility list and prepare the nominations list for award of University medals for not more than 0.75% of the annual graduating cohort who are eligible to be considered for a University Medal according to the above criteria;

(6) Faculties will consider the nominations list and:

  1. using the Template - University Medals Committee Faculty Coversheet provided by the Medals Committee, prepare nominations for award of University medal;
  2. where a Faculty makes a nomination for a graduate who is not included in the eligibility list, provide a citation for each nomination, including evidence of equivalence of academic standards or merit to other nominees;
  3. submit the nominations to the Medals Committee on or before the due date nominated by the Medals Committee each year (not later than 7 March).

Consideration and Award of University Medals

(7) The Medals Committee Secretary shall review all nominations received from the Faculties and prepare a consolidated report for the Medals Committee.

(8) The Medals Committee shall examine, consider and review all information provided by the Faculties, and meet to determine the awards of University Medals no later than 14 March each year.

(9) The Medals Committee shall use the following guidelines to assist in its deliberations:

  1. Normally only one University Medal will be awarded within a program unless more than one major is available in the program.
  2. Where two or more students within one program/major are equal in terms of the overall cumulative WAM, the student with the greater number of High Distinctions and Distinctions shall be awarded the Medal.
  3. University Medals can be awarded to no more than 0.75% of eligible graduates from a Faculty.

(10) Where two or more students within a program/major are of exceptional merit, and are high in rank order within the University and/or the Faculty and cannot be separated, they may each be awarded a Medal.


(11) A nomination round for eligible graduates will take place annually in February and will consider all graduating students of the previous year.

(12) All medallists will be awarded their medal at the first graduation ceremony at the relevant campus following the outcome of the nominations process. Any medallist who attends a graduation ceremony before their nomination for a University Medal has been considered will be able to either attend the next graduation ceremony to be awarded the medal or have their medal, updated transcripts and Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS) provided through registered post.

Other Medals

(13) Faculties may award a Faculty Medal or other Faculty-based awards to graduates whose achievements, while falling below that required for the award of a University Medal, warrant recognition. A University Medallist may also be awarded Faculty-based medals.