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Library Collection Access Guidelines

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Introduction

(1) In supporting the learning, teaching and research functions of the University, the Library seeks to select high quality, accessible resources which contribute to a relevant, contemporary, well-balanced collection.

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Section 2 - Intent

(2) The purpose of this document is to provide a set of guidelines for ensuring equitable and appropriate access to Library resources and collections.

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Section 3 - Instructions

Physical Access

(3) Opening hours of the libraries vary according to local campus conditions and will be widely publicised.

(4) Campus libraries will each have open access physical collections.

(5) Valuable or seldom used items may be stored in closed access stacks and will be made available upon request.

(6) Computers will be available within the campus libraries to ensure that students have equitable access to electronic library resources.

(7) At least one copy of a prescribed set textbook will be located in the Library's Course reserves Collections.

Electronic Access

(8) Access to electronic collections will be provided via a secure network, using appropriate authentication methods through the Library website to University of Newcastle students and staff according to the relevant licence agreements. Details of the licence agreement conditions will be stored in the Library's electronic resource management system and viewable via the Library Catalogue.

(9) The Library will provide walk-in access for library visitors and inter-library lending of electronic resources where licence agreements permit.

(10) The Library will provide access for alumni to a selection of electronic resources in accordance with licence agreements.

(11) Items scanned for inclusion in Course reserves Online will only be available to students and staff of the University, in accordance with copyright regulations and licence agreements.

Bibliographic Access

(12) Bibliographic records of all holdings will be included in the University of Newcastle Library catalogue and, where appropriate in national and international bibliographic utilities.

(13) Remote access to the library catalogue is available through the Library website.

Inter-campus Transfer of Library Resources

(14) An appropriate collection of library resources to support students' needs is available electronically, not limited to location. Physical resources may be transferred from other campuses if demand changes.

(15) Access to less high demand material located on another campus will be provided through the inter-campus loan service.

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Section 4 - Roles and Responsibilities

(16) Ultimate responsibility for access to the collection rests with the University Librarian.