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Media Policy

This is not a current document. It has been repealed and is no longer in force.

Section 1 - Introduction

(1) The media provides an important platform for the University of Newcastle to promote its achievements. To maximise media impact, it is essential that the University builds and maintains relationships with local, national and international media.

(2) This Media Policy provides a framework for interaction with the media. 

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Section 2 - Policy Intent

(3) This policy provides a framework for comments and statements by University staff and students that have the potential to reach the larger community via the media.

(4) University staff are actively encouraged to speak to the media about their achievements and make public comments within their area of expertiseUniversity students are also encouraged to speak to the media about their achievements.

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Section 3 - Policy Scope

(5) This policy applies to verbal and written comments to the media, public speaking engagements, and media releases.

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Section 4 - University spokesperson

(6) Only authorised staff may represent the University of Newcastle's corporate position on matters of interest to the media and/or via public comment.

(7) Authority to speak on behalf of the University is stipulated in the Delegation of Authority Policy.

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Section 5 - Expert comment

(8) In engaging with the media, expert commentator can expect the support of the University. This does not imply endorsement of a particular view put forward, but means that their right to speak as a University staff member in their area of expertise will be upheld.

(9) The University recognises and respects the concept of academic freedom. It expects that staff and students will accept the responsibility that academic freedom imposes: to ensure that information provided to the media and public is supported by peer-reviewed evidence.