Status and Details

Status and Details

This page contains information about the status, approval and implementation of this version of the document. It also contains information contact details for the subject matter expert.  To the right, a brief summary of the changes between this and the previous version is provided.

Appointment as Laureate Professor Policy

Status Current
Effective Date 9th September 2020
Review Date 9th September 2023
Approval Authority Chief People and Culture Officer
Approval Date 9th September 2020
Expiry Date Not Applicable
Enquiries Contact Martin Sainsbury
Chief People and Culture Officer
HR Support
4033 9999

Summary of Changes from Previous Version

14 September 2020:  Clause 18 amended.  Approved by Vice-Chancellor.

The review included introduction of a Distinguished Laureate professor title; alignment with PRD processes to identify potential future candidates; addition of expected contributions and deliverables for title holders; collaboration with Faculty PVC's to identify potential future candidates; introduction of an associated procedure; updated criteria for nomination; review of the Award Committee structure; and inclusion of comparison reports from Academic Excellence for candidates to provide quantitative and qualitative data.

Clauses Amended:Policy/Schedule: All